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Insider info on Acoustic Sound Imaging

Acoustic Sound Images are the heart of Aura™, and are different than modeling.

What is an Acoustic Sound Image, and how do we create it?

Aura's Acoustic Sound Image is a real image of your guitar in a studio environment, with a world-class microphone in a great room going through great gear.

All these elements are critical:

  • recording console
  • personality of mic
  • radiation patterns and personality of guitar
  • distance and positioning of mic

We record a guitar in a studio environment and make a two-channel recording. Channel 1 is the pickup in the guitar, and Channel 2 is the microphone response. These two signals look very different in the time domain, though they're played at the same time.

To get the highly desirable microphone feel, we slow the pickup signal down, but not the same for all frequencies.

To create an image, our goal is to adjust the instantaneous response of the pickup as closely as we can to the microphone response, both in frequency response and phase. We take the audio spectrum, slice it up into thousands of different sections, and in each section we make a magnitude and phase adjustment of the pickup signal to perfectly match the microphone signal--a very complex process.

In the end, we've got a transform that is the heart of the Acoustic Sound Image: the essence of studio sound that you can take with you, anywhere.

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